Ducted Gas Heating

This is a popular option, thanks to very affordable installation and reasonable running costs.

Located beneath the floor or within the roof cavity, ducted systems provide warmth to the entire premises. Temperature is controlled by wall-mounted consoles.

Zoning can also be added to isolate rooms that do not require heating. Available in natural gas and LPG.

Hydronic Heating

This increasingly popular option is available in two systems: radiator panels or within the slab under the floor. The panels heat and cool down quicker, while under the floor is less obtrusive.

Although it is more expensive to install than ducted units, a hydronic system provides a beautifully uniform and radiant level of warmth throughout the building. It’s also the preferred option for sufferers of allergies or respiratory conditions, because there are no dust emissions.

Nobo Electric Heating

This is the most affordable option for those looking to heat single rooms. Radiator panels can be affixed to a wall or mounted on a portable base for transfer between rooms.